Naya Marie Rivera’s Life

Are you interested to know about the life of Naya and Naya Rivera’s husband? So, let’s take a closer look at Naya Marie Rivera’s life. Naya Rivera was born on January 12, 1987, in California. She was an American actress, model, and singer. Naya Rivera’s husband was Ryan Keith Dorsey, who is an American model. Naya Rivera was eminent for her plays like Glee (2009), the Royal Family (1991), and the master of disguise (2002).

She had an appealing personality and incredible body physique with 5’4″ height and 53kg weight. She has dark brown eyes and brown blonde hair. Her debut movie was Franken hood. Her role as Santana Lopez in the television series “Glee” made her prominent. This role was a starting point of success for his career.

Besides this, Naya Rivera worked with many organizations like GLAAD, The Trevor Project, Stand up to Cancer, The Elephant Project, and the sunshine project. Naya Rivera and Ryan Dorse were living a well-established life due to their satisfying career in the industry. Naya Rivera’s net worth was expected to be approximately 5 million.

Naya Rivera’s Career

Naya Rivera's career

Naya Marie Rivera started her career in the entertainment industry in childhood. At the start, she appeared in different commercials. Her first play was “The royal family” at the age of 4 in 1911. In this play, she played the role of Hillary Winston in this series. Naya Rivera then played minor roles in different plays. She was also nominated for her first play and won almost 11 awards during her career. She was also ranked among the hottest women in the world. Her last play was “Step up: High water” in 2018.

She did the following famous plays in her career:

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1993), Family Matters (1992-1993), Live shot (1995), Bay watch (1996), Smart guy (1997-1999), Jersey, House Blend (2002), and Even Stevens (2002).

In 2011, she made her initial appearance in music and produced a solo album.

She made her first debut in the film “At the devil’s door” in 2014. In California, she died on July 8, 2020, in the United States at the age of 33.

Naya Rivera’s Parents

Naya Rivera’s parents were George Rivera and Yolanda Previtire. Her father was not very famous. Naya Rivera’s mother, Yolanda Previtire, was a prominent American model. That’s the reason Naya gets a chance to start her career in showbiz. Her mother shifted to Los Angeles to continue modeling. Her mother helped her daughter in casting in her childhood in advertisements for Kmart.

She had two siblings. Her younger brother was Mychal Rivera who is a famous football player. Her younger sister Nickayla Rivera was a runway model. Naya Rivera posted about her mother. She said that her mom is the most incredible woman she met. She is my apple of the eye and center of the universe.

Naya Rivera’s Relationships

Naya Rivera's Relationships

Naya Rivera dated famous actor and singer Tahj Mowry from 2000 to 2004. Then, Naya Rivera was in a relationship with rapper Big Sean in 2013. Both Naya Rivera & Big Sean got engaged in October 2013 for six months. Later, after one year, Naya Rivera & Big Sean broke their engagement in April 2104.

After her breakup, Naya Rivera married Dorsey in 2014. Naya Rivera’s ex-fiancΓ© broke his eyes for Naya’s death with a touching lesson. He still does not believe that Naya is no more. Her death news shocked everyone, including Naya Rivera’s husband and ex-fiancΓ©, because this was such a sudden incident.

Big Sean praises Naya Rivera for her work and passion. He praised her for contributing her best to this society. She had contributed a lot to the industry by doing famous roles. He hoped that Naya Rivera’s memories will be alive.

He continued saying that you are a hero in such a way that you saved your child’s life and gave many people confidence. He further added that he still does not believe that in the death of Naya. He is praying for her family and child. He thanked Naya for making him a more potent and wiser person. At last, he said Rest in Peace, Naya!

Naya Rivera And Mark Salling

Naya Rivera and Mark Salling first met during the shooting of their famous comedy-drama “Glee.” The character of Naya Rivera’s was Santana Lopez while Mark Salling played the Puck Puckerman’s role. After their drama, both started dating each other in 2009 for almost three years.

There was a full romantic bond between them. This relationship ended in the ’20s. Naya Rivera and Mark Salling first decided to keep their relationship secret. This made Mark Salling unreliable for her. From there on, she realized that he is not a good person to rely on.

Mark Salling had already cheated on another woman. He was accused of child pornography. So, in 2010, both ended their relationship. Naya Rivera commented on his breakup that she was never repentant for his relationships.

She always learned good or bad from them. She says relationships taught you a lot for your next life. The best thing is that you should look upon your past and instead of regretting it, gain lessons from them.

Afterward, Mark Salling committed suicide before his sentencing trial. Rivera did not comment on his death.

Naya Rivera’s Husband’s History

Naya Rivera’s husband, Ryan Keith Dorsey, is a famous American actor. Ryan Keith was born on July 19, 1983, in West Virginia near Charleston. But his family moved to North Carolina for better facilities. Later on, he got interested in showbiz when he was in the last year of his school.

He was interested in playing football. After getting an injury while playing, he decided to join the theatre. He continues this profession by studying at Western Carolina University. Ryan Keith Dorsey started his career in the industry in 2013. He is famous for his plays like Earl on justified in 2015 and Dime bag on Ray Donovan in 2017.

His debut film was Blood Father (2016), a French film in which Dorsey played Drug Dealer Shamrock. Naya Rivera and Ryan Dorse met for the first time in 2010. After that, they took an interest in each other and started dating each other.

Naya Rivera tied the knot with her friend Ryan Dorsey in 2014 in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. After breaking Big Sean’s engagement, they got married in San Lucas, Mexico. This news is circulated everywhere on social media and seeks the attention of the audiences.

Josey Hollis was the son of Naya and Dorsey. Due to the conflicts, the couple decides. In 2010, both Naya and Dorsey separated from each other. After this separation, Naya Rivera aborted her child due to the career and started dating Rapper Big Sean. Later, due to Rapper Big Sean’s separation, both Naya Rivera and Ryan Dorsey got together again in 2014.

She was pregnant again in 2015. Rivera described the good, bad, and uncomfortable stages of pregnancy for documenting her pregnancy journey.

Jossey Hollis was the son of Naya and Dorsey, born in September 2015. They welcomed their baby on September 17, 2015. Due to the conflicts, the couple decided to do separation again in November 2017. Naya Rivera and Ryan Dorsey get divorced in 2018.

The first time, Naya Rivera filed for divorce and custody of her son. But police arrested Naya Rivera for hitting Dorsey on the head in Kanawha County, Virginia. Rivera was handicapped. Her father released her for 1000$. Naya’s lawyer said that the case was dismissed because Naya Rivera’s husband did not want to take further action and stopped the case.

Naya Rivera’s husband said that Naya did not harm him. After this unpleasant incident, Rivera again filed for divorce on December 5. Both of them contracted joint custody of their child. The custody agreement was made in March after their separation.

They said in the interview that their primary concern would be their child. We will cooperate with each other for our children.

Death Of Naya Rivera

On July 8, 2020, Naya Rivera and her four-year-old son were missing from a boat trip to Lake Piru in California. After four days of long research, divers recovered her dead body from the lake. She was declared dead on Monday, July 13. Meanwhile, the baby was found safe in the accident. Rivera was a skilled swimmer and boater. The baby told police that her mother saved her and pushed him back in the boat.

The boat sank in the water. After this, Naya Rivera disappeared into the water. Naya Rivera was not wearing any life jacket. She was struggling to get into the boat. The child was safe and found asleep in the boat.

The police investigated the whole accident. The X-ray reports showed no injury detection and came to the point that Naya Rivera’s death was accidental. She died due to drowning in the water. She was buried at the Forest Lawn memorial park.

Naya Rivera’s husband and her parents have requested to pray for their family. Her last post on Instagram was about her child, where she wrote a beautiful caption for her son.

Seven years ago, on the same date, her co-star Cory Monteith lost his life in a hotel room due to overdosage of drugs. He was only 31 when he died.

Naya Rivera’s Husbands Message

Naya Rivera's husband message

Naya Rivera’s husband Ryan Dorsey posted a tetchy message regarding his ex-wife and his child’s mother on social media after Naya Rivera’s funeral. Almost two weeks later, Naya Rivera’s husband breaks his silence after the news of Rivera’s death. Ryan Dorsey shared his grief about the tragedy of her ex-wife’s death.

He said that he couldn’t believe this news. I am shocked. Life is so unpredictable that we don’t know what will happen today. Love and take care of your loved ones. I do not know what to say. I am thankful for our times and journey, which brought us together to give us the sweetest and smartest young boy. Naya Rivera’s will always stay in our hearts forever.

Ryan Dorsey further added that life means good or bad things, but it makes bad things a little less with Josey. He will never forget you. Everyone misses your fantastic soul. We are going to love you all the time. Life is so unpredictable that no one knows what will happen. Naya Rivera’s husband Ryan thanked everyone for their incredible support and love during this time before closing.

After her death, Ryan Dorsey decided to move into a three-bedroom rented house together to take care of his son better. His son has only turned five. Dorsey and Nickayla Rivera’s sister have been seen together in shopping malls with Rivera’s son. In the latest tweet, Naya Rivera’s husband has explained that it is challenging to take care of a five-year-old child.

This is a very intricate time for us to handle the situation. It’s tough to raise the child alone without his mother. Naya Rivera’s husband destined the relationship with Rivera’s sister and called it illogical and misinformed rumors. He requested to pray for her family and child.


That’s all we know about Naya Marie Rivera’s life and her relationships with her husband and ex-fiancΓ©. Naya Rivera’s main focus was her child, whom she saved at the time of the drowning. There were a lot of controversies about her marriage and Naya Rivera’s husband. Everyone focuses on her love life instead of her professional life.

She did a great job in making her well-established career in the industry. Indeed, she was a true gem and the most confident girl in the industry.

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