Naya Rivera’s Tell-All Book; Sorry Not Sorry

Naya Marie Rivera was born in Valencia, California, on January 12, 1987. She was a film actress who starred in Glee (2009), The Royal Family (1991), and The Master of Disguise (2002). Naya died on July 8, 2020. The book of Naya is difficult for youth and adults to navigate. Book by Naya Rivera Sorry not sorry ”  shows us that we’re not alone in our highs and lows.

If love, dating, job, ambition, chat, or mates, Naya encourages us to follow our destiny and go crap. Naya’s first and second years in high school took her time to work as a waitress and became thick and thin with her mom and director and resumed her career as Santana Lopez at Glee.


  • I scratched, “I HATE MY Mother” all those times into my diary. It’s not so many moms and adolescents — we all need to note that it is not anything personal on either side.
  • Extensions of DIY hair and highlights at home. The experts have some of the best stuff left, like hair coloring.
  • Fell in love with a person’s idea rather than the real person.

Not Sorry

  • I’m not always getting along with all of you. You have to be real that you don’t like people, and I will always take this as fake.
  • Rather than get angry, rough the chatter.
  • I left for my financial catastrophes early — before I had a marriage or family — so I had my credit.

Naya says, “I have in myself a 13-year-old girl who is promising, who loves her family most, and who offers comprehensive lists of ways to improve me that I never know what I’m worth.” Book by Naya Rivera Sorry Not Sorry for all of us for this 13-year-old.

Naya Rivera Sorry Not Sorry 13 Biggest Reveals

Naya Rivera, sorry, not sorry 13 Biggest Reveals

The one who says what she is like Choreo chief  Naya Rivera was still willing at Glee, Santana Lopez, but she couldn’t take part in her band’s flying members. Not so, fantasies and mistakes, from losing her virginity to competing against Rache Berry’s co-star and Actress. This is good for her, particularly in her new work. It’s just okay for her.

The 13 significant leaks are as follows, including Hooters and Smart Guy’s chaperoned date in the book by Naya Rivera Sorry Not Sorry.

  1. Acting Debut:

    At the young and tender age of seven months, she made her acting debut. She had no choice but to crawl around the floors for a Kmart company with nothing but a drawn board.

  2. Worked At Hooters:

    Naya had an Abercrombie & fitch shopping addiction. Naya worked in Hooters in the early twenties before she began her acting career. She explains she looks like a porn budget star during this period.

  3. Breast Implants:

    When she was 19, she had breast implants. (and through her child’s performing career access to the money). “People have plastic operations, but they make me happy with my mirror more than ten years after I have my breasts,” she writes. “I would have spent the best at 8000 dollars.

  4. Eating Disorders:

    When she was a child, she fought against anorexia. At her lowest point, she says she weighed 98 kg and went from P.E. dehydration. She came back and embraced her body. “I gained 15 pounds, and I didn’t look back.

  5. Losing her Virginity:

    After watching him play the video game grand theft auto, Naya deliberately lost her virginity to someone she didn’t care about. Like a boss, Naya noted she was on top.

  6. Marriage to Big Sean:

    Big Sean called their marriage through a statement made by his publicist. Naya wrote: “I have learned that I have not been married by THE INTERNET. Naya said she went to Sean’s house and discovered a guy whose name rhymes with Smariana Schmande before it broke in 2014. Incidentally, she still tries to sell her wedding costume so that you can find her on Twitter for “best value.” Suppose you are interested in it.

  7. Tahj Mowry:

    Tahj Mowry was also nicknamed Smart Guy, and was at one point in time Naya’s boyfriend. They went to a chaperoned date for a Denzel Washington film but broke up when Tahj said that he wanted somebody “more financially.” (Today, I still have friends.)

  8. Lea Michele Almost Called SAG:

    Lea Michele once threatened to call SAG on the Glee Set due to uncertainty at work conditions. Although Naya doesn’t always look at Lea with her eye, she says that on this day, when the A/C broke and the cast had to continue dancing anyway, they were in complete agreement.

  9. Mark Salling’s Car Prank:

    In 2010, Naya didn’t make her car the key to Mark Salling, but she covered it in birdseed, dog food, and eggs. Naya tells us who leaked the story since Mark has not even pulled the Lexus.

  10. Nazanin Mandi:

    Nazanin Mandi, now a model, is her high school choir nemesis (and also engaged to Miguel). In the book by Naya Rivera sorry not sorry, she challenged her to sing, but she did not accept Nazanin on the offer.

  11. Abortion Rumors:

    After Glee had wrapped up Naya was rumored to have had an abortion shortly after her husband, Ryan Dorsey found out about it. Ryan is pro-choice and has been quoted saying: “I believe that every woman must have the right to choose, and I am afraid that it is not her choice to make to decide if a child is,” says in the book by Naya Rivera Sorry Not Sorry.

  12. Naya Met Tupac:

    The now deceased rap icon, Tupac was a fan of a sitcom created by Eddie Murphy called The Royal Family starring Redd Foxx, which Naya Rivera acted in as a kid. Tupac introduced himself to Naya when he saw her with her family at LAX, but nobody thought in the pre-iPhone era of taking photos.

  13. Neverland Ranch:

    In the book by Naya Rivera Sorry Not Sorry, Naya revealed her secret that she visited Neverland Ranch as a child at a birthday party for a childhood friend. Fortunately Michael Jackson was not present at the birthday party, but Naya fondly recalls passing out in Nicole Richie’s lap during the bus ride to Neverland.

Naya Rivera Shared Why the Timing in Her Book Was Essential

The book by Naya Rivera sorry not sorry discusses various personal problems of her contemporary life. One of the most painful things is remembering her “Glee” co-star Cory Monteith, who died in 2013 from a drug overdose.

“In the City chapter, it hit me. I might have knocked over (co-star) Kevin (McHale) and made him assist me in editing, and we were both having our moments.”

“Naya Rivera,” wrote the novel.

The book by ” Naya Rivera Sorry Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes, and Grow Up” is worth reading to the fans of “Glee” (TarcherPerigee), which aired from 2009 to 2015. From an insider’s perspective, examine the show’s success. Rivera, 29, speaks about how the cast has dated and broken up, as well as twenty things they did together.

She also shares her story about a young age showcase, relationship play, and success with her husband, actor Ryan Dorsey.

Rivera talks about her love to open, write and transmit to the 1-year-old Josey son, her passion for books.

Buy Naya Rivera’s Book – Sorry Not Sorry

If you’re in a position to, and can afford it, please consider buying Naya Rivera’s Book, Sorry Not Sorry.  The proceeds from the sale of her book will go to her estate and we assume eventually to Naya’s son Josey Dorsey.  These are not affiliate links.  We are NOT compensated for the sale of these books.

Naya Rivera Media Talk

Associated Press: It was billed that you would go there,’ not hold back on things in your life when it was announced you wrote a book. Is it what happened?

Rivera: I didn’t intend to stop, but I saw that the media portrait is “Oh, this is a slambook,” but it isn’t at all what it is. It was not like that.

A.P.: What is your purpose?

Rivera: I speak about my book writing passion. I would write music, screenplays, or books if I didn’t act in any way, shape, and form. I am incredibly bookish. I am very educated. I love reading.

A.P.: Anything in the book you want to clarify?

Rivera: It was a turbulent year a few years ago. (Rivera quickly got involved in rapping Big Sean. Some months later, they broke and made public some differences in social media and his music for Big Sean.) These were things I wanted to clarify for myself. These were things.

A.P.: You also say how you dated your husband before Big Sean and came back with him a few months later, after that split. It was presented in the media as some rebound. Has your version of the events been important to share?

Rivera: all the way, I’ve consulted my husband. I was like, ‘Listen, that’s so funny to me that no one knows our story. Do you have any concern about including this in the book?’ He has been helpful.

A.P.: It looks like a big take-out from your book is the importance of timing, from “Glee” to meetings with Dorsey.

Rivera: Timing is all in life. There were lots of projects I wanted, and I cried about and didn’t understand why I didn’t get them; I got any of those projects I didn’t like, and I was on ‘Glee.’ I was very much in this industry, I was very excited about them. In my life, this was a transformer.

A.P.: You like to read with your son since you are such an avid reader?

Rivera: In every sense, he’s a boy, but I’m going to go, ‘Would you like to read a book?’ He’s going to say, “Yeah,” and he’s sitting, and we’re going to read a book. He’s got his favorites, literally. Jimmy Fallon’sDada’ is his favorite book. Book by Naya Rivera, sorry, not sorry, is a fantastic book. We travel with it.

In the end, she says everyone must read or download the book Naya Rivera Sorry Not Sorry at Barnes and Noble, or you can download the Naya Rivera audiobook.

Naya Rivera Plastic Surgery Rumor

Naya Rivera Plastic Surgery Rumor

There is no doubt about Naya Rivera’s seductive organism, but many starts to wonder where she came from with her latest input (boobs enlargement). Her recent post on Instagram is responsible for rumors about her participation in plastic surgery.

Her plastic surgery rumors led to her opinion on the breast expansion she underwent by many people, including a plastic surgeon. According to Dr. Barry Weintraub, he admits that the star has undergone breast expansion without physical contact.

He expressed his opinion on the type of breast enlargement she experienced. He said that it does not sound too safe from a small to larger breast and can have futuristic effects that couldn’t benefit the person who has undergone the plastic operation.

Book by Naya Rivera sorry not sorry, spilled a great deal of tea on Fox’s time and relationships in her past. However, her plastic surgery rumor turned out to be the biggest bombshells.

Book by Naya Rivera sorry not sorry  Calls Out Michelle, Big Sean, Mark Salling, Ariana Grande, and More

In her newly published Memoir, Naya Rivera sorry not sorry has written about her matters, like her secret and high school awful experience. But it also gives information to several famous individuals, including Lea Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Mark Salling, Big Sean, rapper, and Ariana Grande, singer. Rivera doesn’t regret the tea of her boyfriends. Indeed, she said at La Piazza on The Grove in L.A. on Tuesday, “I’ve still got scars but not blood blows anymore.”

Here are the juiciest revelations in the book by Naya Rivera Sorry Not Sorry

Here are the juiciest revelations in the book by Naya Rivera Sorry Not Sorry

1. Her competition with Michele was genuine—but overblown a little

“A writer from Glee once said that Lea and I are like the two sides of the same battery, and that’s all about us. We are willing and competitive—not only with one another but with everyone—and that’s not a good combination, “Writes Rivera, the character of which Rachel was often at odds with the character of Michele. “But when the show progressed, this friendship began to break down, particularly when Santana moved from a background character to one with larger plot lines and longer screen times. Oh, I don’t like sharing the light, Rachel, I mean Lea.”

“Besides, her time to separate work from our friendship abroad was a bit more difficult, but for me, it was a lot easier,” she adds. “I am not offended when people provide feedback or criticism, and I try to maintain perspective if things get heated up.

All of us are under stress, yes, but we’re all working towards the same goal, so let it laugh and move forward. Lea, however, was much more sensitive, and she appeared to blame me for all that went wrong.”

“She assumed that I was hitting her if I’d complain about somebody or anything. Soon she began to ignore me, and then she didn’t tell me a word for the entire sixth season, “Rivera writes, “Lea and I certainly haven’t been our best friends, and I doubt that we will ever sit on her couch and eat kale again, but our rumors of ‘feud’ have been blown away.”

2. The first time Monteith saw her drink, she was shocked

For years Monteith was naughty so that his co-stars were taken aback when the actor had a cast party some years ago. “He realized we did,” writes Rivera. “He explained that he wanted to drink moderately, he could do it, and he could be just like everyone else.

He looked calm and confident, so we accepted it all. Many of us have not understood how dependence worked, nor were we aware of its extent.”

In 2013, Rivera learned that Monteith had died as she was in London alongside her boyfriend, Big Sean, from combined drug poisoning. “I doubt I feel very much regret his death by myself alone. Since he died, many of us have spent time asking what we would have had if someone came in or confronted him about what was happening.

Or what if he tried to talk to somebody about what was happening and only thought nobody was caring? Perhaps once when it was the two of us that walked out to our cars, if I had just walked a bit slower and had not been so hurried to return to our home, perhaps he had seen it as a chance for something to come up, “Actress writes. “You can get insane like that because there will never be several different ifs.”

Availability of book by Naya Rivera sorry not sorry

Naya Rivera sorry not sorry is mostly present on every website such as Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and many other websites.  Naya Rivera sorry not sorry is also present in the form of an audiobook. You can also purchase in the form of a book or an audiobook.

Ariana Grande and Big Sean talks in the New Book of Naya Rivera

In her new book, Glee star Naya Rivera Sorry Not Sorry gets very honest. We already devoured this chapter, setting the record right on her “feud” with co-star Lea Michele, and Naya is just coming to Ariana Grande for another brunette singer.

Not too much after Ariana canceled their wedding plans in 2014, Naya’s ex-Fidel Big Sean began to meet. According to Naya, not everything was right in her relations; while she was on the road, she and Big Sean often fought. It’s not the most fun thing to do, but it will be more dramatic.

One chapter, Refinery 29 says, contains the following anecdote: “He said he didn’t want to see me once he’s back in L.A. She just gave herself a key to her house because she did. “I go in and down the floor and think about what girl sitting on the couch cross-legged to listen to music… It reigns as ‘Smariana Schmande.'”

What Naya is referring to here is not entirely clear, but it does not seem that she is too pleased to find them. In other words, Ari and Big Sean joined together on their song “Best Mistake,” so that was probably the reason for the visit.

The Naya-Big Sean relationship came soon after; in the book by Naya Rivera sorry not sorry, she is blinded by the rupture. ‘I found out that I hadn’t married from the internet anymore and was married to the rest of the world,’ she says. “We weren’t married just, and we haven’t been even together again.”

Big Sean and Ariana, as we know, continued for almost a year, and Naya married Ryan Dorsey. All appear happy now, but we are quite sure that Naya Rivera Sorry Not Sorry is not listed on the fall of Ariana’s read list.

Review by others

In the book by Naya Rivera, sorry, not sorry, she, the former Glee star, looks back on her modeling and acting career. Before she got into an acting dry spell in her teens and early 1920s, Riviera did commercials for Mattel and Osha Kosh, playing in the fresh prince of Bel-Air.

In her debut work, the author takes care of her less glamorous years, when her family struggled frequently and moved as she does for Glee, where she gets to some of the juicy elements of gossip cast, full of drugs and many snacks, which fans are likely to hope for.

It also includes some extracts from the “do’ lists she faithfully kept for herself in the junior high school and high school, which include entries such as “get new girls’ eye masks,” “get some more money,” “take shorts back to V.” Secret’s alternating between heavier thoughts, “figure out things of God” and “think something else but material things.”

Each of the chapters concludes with a range of experiences that Rivera’s sorry for and one that she’s not equally long about: she’s so sorry about, for example, “matching a television on a rental,” “having a married dude”, and “buying vehicles I could not afford.” Eff the Mercedes – I was supposed to have had a Honda. “Learning to save lines before I even learned to spell,” she doesn’t regret, and the “boob work” she had at 18.

In the book by Naya Rivera sorry not sorry, Rivera writes openly of her high school anorexia and abortion while she was at Glee, which she still felt guilty of. The volume is shown in photographs of Rivera from childhood to now. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but the Actress finds herself likable, manly fallible.

Wrapping Up Naya’s Book Sorry Not Sorry

The Book by Naya Rivera sorry not sorry was a fun story; classic, light chicken-lit, easily wipeable read. I liked some characters, some of them I hated (which you were supposed to).

The dating life of Charlotte is absent. In the book by Naya Rivera sorry not sorry, She hits a podcast that challenges her to go beyond her comfort zone and open more into the socialization scene. Every episode presents a range of challenges (or at least try to).

As I said, the concept is marvelous, light, and fun. I’ve been living; I didn’t just understand the end. Please don’t get this confusing with the future, not that. Without giving it away, I can’t explain – and I try to be more spoiler-free – so I’ll leave it up to you.

A teenager must read the Naya Rivera sorry not sorry, on Barnes and Noble website, and you can download the Naya Rivera audiobook from Barnes and noble.

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