We took great care in compiling a thoughtful list of 9 unique mother’s day gift ideas that will leave no doubt how much you care for your mom.  I mean, what makes the month of May so special? Mother’s Day, of course. As the one who cared for you when you were ill, and the one who dried your tears after your first broken heart, moms’ are an ever-present figure in our lives.

There is no better day or reason to indulge her with love, gifts, and attention, than Mother’s Day, a celebration of unconditional love.  So lets get going with these unique mother’s day gift ideas that will remind your mom that she’s the apple of your eye.

Gift Baskets that will Make Mom’s Eyes Light Up

Mother’s Day Gift Basket Ideas

Mothers are selfless, but no one will pass up a gift basket filled with her favorite treats. What better place to purchase mom’s basket, than from a trusted, reputable supplier like Broadway Basketeers. Looking for more than just the usual chocolates and candies? Broadway Basketeers offers gift baskets to please any personality. Choose from wine, flowers, plants, cakes, cookies, chocolates, and even luxurious spa gift baskets.  Here are 3 gift baskets that are the first of our list of 9 unique mother’s day gift ideas.

  1. Mother’s Day Wine Basket

    Mom will eagerly pick her way for hours, through this basket filled with delectable delights like Pirouline Chocolate Wafer Rolls, Soft Vanilla Caramels, Milk Chocolate Covered Bavarian Pretzels, and other mouth-watering edibles. All of which pair perfectly with a bottle of Kosher Certified, Merlot Red Wine, and the perfect accessory, premium steel, and wood corkscrew.  The number one gift basket on our list of unique Mother’s Day gift ideas is a wine basket.

  2. Natural Lavender Gift Box

    Lavender is a scent known for its relaxation qualities, so it marries perfectly with spa products. In this box, your mom will find Lavender Shea Butter, a 4 oz. Scented Candle, a Himalayan Natural Soap Bar, Lavender Body Scrub, a Large Shower Steamer, and still more. If mom doesn’t have the opportunity to get to the spa, she doesn’t need to, she can create one in her own, personal bathtub and pampering space, with this sumptuous gift box.  The second gift basket on our list of unique Mother’s Day gift ideas is a lavender gift box.

  3. Mother’s Day Cookies Gift Box

    Who takes the time to bake their own cookies? Now, mom can sit back, relax, and enjoy delicious Oatmeal Raisin, Double Chocolate, White Chocolate Macadamia, M&M Cookies, and more. All Kosher certified and ready to be delivered to your mom, on her special day. The third gift basket on our list of unique Mother’s Day gift ideas is a gift box stacked full of fresh baked cookies.

DIY Gifts Mom Will Love – It’s The Thought That Counts

It’s the Thought that Counts - DIY Gifts Mom Will Love

Handmade Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Sometimes the best gifts are handmade mother’s day gifts. The next 3 gifts on our list of 9 unique mother’s day gift ideas can be made with love by hand at home.  Whether you are six or sixty, moms everywhere know that the gift itself is only part of the gift-giving. The affection behind the gift, and the effort and time it takes to create something with your own two hands, will stand out as meaningful and sentimental to her.

  1. Mother’s Day Picnic Basket

    Most craft stores sell wicker baskets. Choose a size that will work well for everything you want to put into it. Choose a color that is appealing to mom such as tan, white, or even green might work well. Embellish the basket by intertwining faux flowers and vines through the weave, and then fill it with mom’s favorite bottle of champagne, or sparkling water, homemade snacks, cheeses, and grapes. Coming in at number one on our list of DIY handmade unique mother’s day gift ideas is a Mother’s Day Picnic Basket.

  2. Dried Floral Wreath

    Moms love dĂ©cor that is personal to them. Make her a floral wreath that she can proudly hang on her front door. All you need is a wire wreath frame, pruning shears, wire, and faux florals. Choose her favorite dried flowers and moss or ivy, for a gift that will last well into the next season. The number 2 present on our list of homemade unique mother’s day gift ideas is a Dried Floral Wreath.

  3. Breakfast In Bed for Mother’s Day

    Now is the time to go big! Get up early and whip together mom’s favorite breakfast. Eggs benedict, French toast, bacon, pancakes, or toast and jam served piping hot, with her favorite latte, will be well received. Don’t forget, a gift is all about a presentation. Place a fresh cut flower, in a small vase of water, on a wicker tray, and you know you’ll be starting mom’s day off with pampered perfection.  The final present for mom on our list of DIY unique mother’s day gift ideas is a Breakfast In Bed.

Personalized Jewelry – Something She Can Carry With Her Everyday

Personalized Jewelry - Something She Can Carry with Her Everyday

Jewelry Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

We included 3 jewelry ideas for mom on our list of unique mother’s day gift ideas.  Moms don’t often have time to buy their own jewelry, let alone wear it. So, why not make it two gifts in one? A beautiful piece of jewelry, with sentimental meaning attached, will touch her right in the feels.

  1. Engraved Ring Necklace

    Whether mom has one, or six children in her brood, each will have their individual place on this lovely necklace. Each ring is engraved with a child’s name, so she can keep everyone close to her heart.  Our number one choice on our list of jewelry unique mother’s day gift ideas your mom is sure to die over is an Engraved Ring Necklace.

  2. Customized Name Bracelet

    Choose to have just her name on the bracelet, or all of her children’s names, or stack the name bracelets with one name for each bracelet. Either way, it’s a thoughtful gift to treasure. The second selection on our list of gold or silver unique mother’s day gift ideas your mom will love is a customized name bracelet with her children’s names on it. Custom name rings are also a beautiful choice to keep her children’s names close.

  3. Birthstone Earrings

    There is a lot of flexibility with this gift, in that you can choose from studs, dangles, or clips. You can pair mom’s birthstone with diamonds, or your birthstone, take that, siblings. Either way, this is a dazzling, sentimental gift she’s bound to adore for years to come. Our final selection on our list of unique mother’s day gift ideas your mom will absolutely love are birthstone earrings with the birthstones of all her kids.

Some might say that we should celebrate mom all year round, not just on one day in the month of May. While that is certainly true, it’s also a good reminder for everyone to pause their busy lives, and give thanks to the woman who loves her children with an unconditional heart with these unique mother’s day gift ideas.

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