Naya Rivera was born on January 12, 1987. Naya Rivera’s family was well-known in the media industry. She was a model, singer, and actress in the USA. Rivera was exceptionally skilled. At the age of her childhood, when she began her modeling and actress career. Firstly, Naya was showing up in public TV advertisements. When she reached the age of four-year, she handled Hillary Winston’s job on the fleeting CBS sitcom. Naya Rivera also got The Young artist award at the age of five. It is a significant achievement of Naya Rivera’s life.

After this award, Naya Rivera was spotted at many functions and programs as a celebrity guest. Naya Rivera was a fan of Mickle Jackson from a young age. She likes Jackson too much. That’s why she makes a friendship with one of Jackson’s nieces as a child actress, go to see Neverland Ranch twice (though not with Jackson present). Rivera is always very polite with others. She met Tupac Shakur as a child. Tupac Shakur was a fan of her acting and never missed Rivera shows. Rivera met Tupac and spent some time with him. In 2005, Rivera graduated from Valencia High School in Santa Clarita.

Naya’s mother convinced her to join a chiro in her freshman year, but Naya quit for some time because Naya constantly overlooked her classmate Nazanin Mandi. She wanted competition with Mandi and challenged Mandi to sign off for a solo. Naya feels very disappointed when Mandi refuses this challenge, then Naya Rivera also leaves. She wants to be a cheerleader, but her family couldn’t afford this.

Naya Rivera’s family encourages her to spend her free time in Acting auditions. She worked very hard for their career and succeeded. She was an artist from their childhood, but she got her younger advanced role in 2009 as Lesbian Cheerleader Santana Lopez on the Fox television series.

Naya Rivera got too much success from this show. She shows her acting skills confidently and ideally and is known as the best actor in the Country.

She got many awards, including the SAG award and ALMA award. Also, Rivera earned two Grammy awards and Brit award nominations. Naya Rivera’s family always supported her and she was very severe and dominant about her career. She proves herself as a model, actor, and singer and sets an example for all new and coming generations. Rivera is a very bold and inspiring personality for all young people, and she proves herself a very hardworking woman.

Naya Rivera’s Family: Naya Rivera’s Parents

Naya Rivera's Family

In Naya Rivera’s family, her parents ‘ names are Yolanda Previtire and George Rivera.

Naya’s mother:

Yolanda Previtire, a Real estate agent and a former model.

Naya Rivera’s father:

George Rivera, is a very hardworking man, and he worked on several IT jobs, as well as positions at Disney and the Universal Publishing group.


George and Yolanda Previtire had married in 1986, but unfortunately, they couldn’t continue their married life and finally divorced in 1996.

Relation with Step-father:

Yolanda got a second marriage with Charles Previtire in 1999. Rivera’s step-father is very soul-hearted, and Rivera is too much attached to her step-father. Rivera shares everything with her step-father. She feels very secure and comfortable with her father. She made a powerful bond with her father. Rivera’s mother was also very motivational and softhearted. Her mother always appreciated Rivera making her career independently, and Rivera succeeded in this goal.

Relation with Mother:

In Naya Rivera’s family, she was too much attached to her mother. In a 2009 interview with Nice Girl Tv, Naya reveals a truth. She said that her mother motivated and appreciated her for acting. She was very thankful to her mom for their motivation. Naya Rivera dedicated her success to her home. Rivera said that my mother always supported me in acting and modeling. My mother always knows my acting and modeling skills. My mother always helps me make stress-free decisions for my career.

These motivations were also essential thing for her success. My mother is a powerful and incredible woman that I will ever know—Naya Rivera chemistry with her mother just like a friend. Rivera shares everything with her mother as a friend and gets suggestions about her decision. She enjoyed a solid bond with her mother. Naya Rivera always says that mother is my role model, my ideal. She is a sensible woman and always helps me out.

Naya Rivera’s Family: Naya Rivera’s Sister

Nickayla Rivera

Naya Rivera Sister

In Naya Rivera’s family, Nickayla Rivera is the younger sister of Naya Rivera. Nickayla was born in Santa Cruz, Californian. She is also a model and a social media star who also started her career with her sister Naya Rivera. Nickayla began modeling in their childhood with her sister. Nickayla is 26 years old. She is single and even doesn’t have a boyfriend. Nickayla said that I enjoy my singlehood life so much, and I don’t have any mind to be married; I want to focus on my career. She also missed her elder sister Naya Rivera so much.

Sister’s Bond

Naya is very concerned about her sister and always helps her when she needs it. Nickayla has millions of followers on Instagram. Her debut in the fashion industry Feb 2014 in New York fashion week. She got immense fame from this debut.

But recently, she is involved in a relationship with Late sister ex-husband Rayan Dorsey. She was spotted with Rayan Dorsey when they both showed love and caring for Naya’s son in September 2020.

Nickayla cleared everything in their Instagram story that she lived with Rayan Dorsey for the sake of her sister’s son. She is not romantically attached to him. She also said, how can I Emotionally or romantically linked to him? Moreover, she writes. The darker and the most painful time for Naya Rivera’s Family and me is Naya’s death.

Nickayla Rivera About Naya’s Son

I don’t know how these things look what people say. At the current time, the best thing for Naya Rivera’s Family is Naya’s son. I can do each and everything for this child. There is no guarantee of life, so I don’t care what the people say. I do what I want. I hope all of you understand the situation of my family and me. Recently we face an unbelievable and painful trauma. So not judge others and do the same thing that you want. It is my suggestion and advice to all people, and always please think positive. Suppose we believe positively everything gone excellent and perfect positively. Positive thinking gets closer to success to us. Think positive, stay positive, and do a positive thing; then everything in your life is positive, she said.

I miss my elder sister so much. All of you, please pray for my sister and enjoy your life with your beloved peoples.

Nickayla Rivera Share about her LifeStyle

She got good earning from their professional life. She also spends a very luxurious life with her family. She loves her family so much because she is now the only sister in Naya Rivera’s Family and takes good care of her family, and always enjoys playing with her nephew.

She loves him as a mother as Naya’s helps her at any step in their professional life. Naya is the backbone of her sister. Nickayla also Admires Naya Rivera a lot and wants to get success just like her sister. Nickayla worked hard for a successful professional life and took proper time for their family and their nephew.

Naya Rivera’s Family: Naya Rivera’s Pregnancy

Naya Rivera Pregnant

The most exciting and memorable time for Naya Rivera’s Family is when they hear the news of her pregnancy. Naya Rivera was also very excited when she heard that she was expecting. She feels so joyful and happy and shared this news with their fans. Naya Rivera shared this news on their different social media apps.

Naya Rivera Shared Her Feelings

Rivera was 28 years old, and her husband Rayan Dorsey was 31 years old. Naya’s fans were also pleased and surprised when they heard this thrilling and surprising news. Naya updates her status on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and many more social media apps- “Everyone congratulated us and blessed us. I feel fortunate that many fans I have, and all of them are too much concerned about me. It is a massive achievement for us. This baby is very lucky for us.”

Naya Rivera says to the women that they shared their pregnancy stories with her. She also said, “when I saw the chemistry between child and mother, I got excited. Now I enjoy this feeling and chemistry. I decorate my room with baby pics, so she feels perfect and fresh”.

Naya Rivera On Her Nine-Month Journey

About the nine-month journey, Naya Rivera said, “I want to spend my pregnancy listening to women’s different stories. This journey is very thrilling for me, and I enjoy every moment of this time. These nine-month are very critical for every woman. I want to enjoy the journey of these nine months with some feelings, some pain, some happiness. I don’t identify how to express my feelings. This time is a mixture of joy and pain. I have not expected this news because my husband Rayan and I were not trying for this. But now I thank god. When I saw that my pregnancy test was positive, I was shocked and immediately called my mother, and she booked a doctor’s appointment. Then I went to the hospital for a blood test. I take complete care of myself because I want to enjoy this precious moment. However, I want to spend my nine-month hearing the stories of pregnant women’s and babies’ nature. I also went to the Mall to shop for my baby. I also purchase many toys, cute clothes, and everything necessary for the baby.”

Husband’s Love/Care

She also said a lot of things about her husband. She said, “My husband Rayan Dorsey is also pleased and excited. He also wants to enjoy these memorable moments. No workload, no carelessness, take rest and enjoy these unforgettable moments. I take some break from my work because I want to focus on my pregnancy. My mother is also very conscious about my health. She told me strictly that I should follow the healthy diet plan necessary for the baby. A lot of things in my mind. What is the name of my baby? How do I decorate the baby room? I know it’s too early, but I don’t know how to control my emotions. It’s naturally such a fantastic feeling and happiness. I want to share everything with my fans. I know all of you are also very excited and happy. Finally, I need to say something specific. Please pray for my child and me. I need your prayers.”

Naya Rivera’s Family: Naya Rivera divorce

Unfortunately, Naya Rivera and Rayan Dorsey did not make their married life successful. It was Saturday night. After a supposed fight with Dorsey in Kanawha Country, she was captured and accused of a home-based battery, West Virginia police affirmed to individuals.

Embarrassing Moment: It was a very insulting and embracing moment for both of them to be arrested. Video captured by the local police news station WSAZ. Naya Rivera doesn’t know what to do. Rivera was in a hoodie and dark pants. She was released on 1000 $ PR bond and picked by their father-in-law.

Rivera Decision Of Separation

After this incident, she takes the decision and files a divorce case after two years of marriage. She says that I am glad that my family is together. She also tells the people that it is my personal decision. Naya Rivera says that my husband Rayan Dorsey and I decide to end our marriage after a long conversation. In this critical time, Naya Rivera’s Family fully supported her. They both finish their relationship in a very separate way. They say that our son is always our first priority. We never neglect him for our issues. We always take care of our son.

Moreover, we always meet with each other as good friends. We always respect our families. They support us in a challenging time. I feel very proud to tell you our love story. I share all the stories and truth with you. In a two-year marriage, we get the most precious thing that is our son.


Naya Rivera’s will remain in our heart always. She taught us to love ourselves and that it was possible to grow up and be ourselves one day. That we can adore who we need and be who we need, and live your fact will liberate us. From her singing, comedic timing to her most bold scenes, Naya Rivera gave it her supreme all, and we will consistently value her astonishing effect in our lives. Find happiness in the hereafter Naya Rivera; we always love you and say thank-you for everything.

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