When I was asked to collaborate with PEOPLE.com for their Moms & Babies blog, I was immediately excited.

Throughout my pregnancy thus far, hearing the birth and pregnancy stories of other moms has been my favorite part and is extremely helpful during these nine months of change. So getting to share a bit about my journey is really thrilling.

I guess we should start at the beginning! My husband Ryan and I weren’t exactly trying, but we weren’t not trying to conceive when I found out we were pregnant I mean, I may have been spotted yelling to my fellow Glee cast mates in our final days of shooting before winter break that I was going to “switch to tequila all month to try to get knocked up” — but nevertheless, it was a surprise when it actually worked.

I think a woman is always shocked to see that yes, positive, smiley face, thumbs up (or down in some cases) and all the other emojis they’ve got on these tests these days. I was no exception. I immediately called my mom, shaking, and ran to the doctor for a blood test.

Months later — and now well into my second trimester — it’s safe to say, I’m preggo. I had heard horror stories about having gas so bad you’d have to stop valeting your car, or vomiting at the smell of your own morning breath, but I am one of the lucky ones. I never experienced morning sickness and only had an unfortunate vomit incident after a lunch of Thai food (I’ve now sworn off Thai forever).

I think I truly am one of those women that could either be a surrogate or a testimonial on I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant because it’s been so easy thus far and I’m incredibly grateful for that. Especially because I know that every woman is different and most women experience a very different kind of first trimester. One of my best friends is pregnant right now and has had awful nausea for weeks.

But trust me, just because I was off the hook for the first part of my pregnancy doesn’t mean everything is all roses. I currently feel the size of a small studio apartment and am constantly thirsty, out of breath, and tired. But I’ll get into all of that in another blog.

On the bright side, everyone is SO nice to you when you’re pregnant! It’s like your birthday every day for nine months. Nevermind that you will soon be long forgotten once the baby is born — for now, mama rules!

My husband has been so supportive and excited about the entire process and it’s definitely brought us that much closer together. (I’ll get into the nitty gritty about things like sex and feeling sexy during pregnancy in another entry.)

But for now being pregnant is proving to be one of the most amazing, fulfilling things I’ve ever done in my life. I finally feel like I’m really doing something in this world. I’ve accomplished a lot in my career up to this point and achieved a lot of goals that I had set for myself, but they all pale in comparison to the miracle of carrying a child.

I’m so proud of all the other amazing, beautiful mothers out there and can’t wait to share more with you all. Until next time!

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