Tip #2: Exfoliate your lips daily to keep dry skin away. The holidays are romantic and you’re going to need a soft pout for all those smooches! Try the sugar scrub or make your own at home with a little bit of raw sugar, honey, and olive oil.

Want to have lips as stunning as Naya Rivera lips? Your beauty routine should be the most important thing when it comes to grooming and looking great. Lip care is one of those routines that many do not even consider following as they believe dried-up lips are only a winter phenomenon. However, that is not the case. Moreover, lips are part of the skin and skincare is very important to look great. 

Just like how Starbucks introduces different seasonal products to ensure their business financials remain healthy throughout the year, so should you. Focusing on your hair, skin, and lips all year round is the best-kept secret in the fashion industry. Not many are willing to spill some tea on their beauty practices or the products that they use, however we all know that everybody is doing something to look stunning. 

Take, for example, Naya Rivera lips. Although the celebrity had confessed in 2018 that she had undergone small cosmetic surgeries like botox and fillers, Naya Rivera lips were luscious plum, shiny and healthy. 

Since she went through plastic surgery, she needed to take extra care of her lips no matter the weather. Even after the surgery, Naya Rivera’s lips looked more natural than any other in the entertainment industry. This is an attestation to the fact that people never noticed her cosmetic surgery until she admitted to it on a live TV show. 

Importance of lip hydration

Before we go into the routine to help you achieve the plummiest of the lips like Naya Rivera lips, let’s go over why you should start taking care of your lips. 

When you walk into the cosmetic aisle of a superstore, you may realize that there are way too many lip moisturizers, chapsticks, or lip balms. These products are not just aimed at women but also at men too. Moisturizers and other lip products are aimed to provide hydration to one’s lips. 

This is important because as humans age, so do their organs and lips are not an exception. Lips, just like skin, represent human age well. As we grow older, so do our lips. They get wrinkly and shrink in volume. This can make you feel older than your age and also leaves a bad impression if you’re socializing with new people. 

Attaining Naya Rivera lips require constant focus but most importantly, hydration. If somebody tells you that hydration does not help, have not followed the routine like it’s their bible. Hydration and lip care takes a lot of time to show. Don’t go expecting results after slathering your lips in petroleum jelly. 

Back to the topic of why lip hydration is important. Lips are the most exposed part of the body. You may be wearing glasses to cover your eyes but lips are constantly exposed to the environment. The pollution in the air, the dryness, the hot coffee, and the occasional smoke are some of the reasons why your lips feel more stressed than ever. 

Due to many external factors, your lips lose the charm and age quicker leading to wrinkles. However, wrinkles take time to show up but chapped dry lips are instant. Within a few hours, you can have dry chapped lips. 

Don’t believe us – think about winters. As the weather drops to below 10 degrees and the atmosphere dries up, you’ll feel a tingle on your lips as it slowly starts to crack. If you leave it unmoisturized, the cracks can run deeper leading to bleeding. Hence a lot of people, to combat the effects of cold weather on lips, use lip moisturizers during winters. 

Moisturizing should not be left for winters. It should be part of your daily lip care routine – yes you need a lip care routine that we will discuss later on. As mentioned earlier, lips start to crack and show signs of wrinkles as you grow old. Keeping your lips moisturized daily can help you maintain the attractive plumpness that you so desire – we’re coming for you, Kylie.

Another reason why hydration is important is your human behavior. Many people tend to lick their lips when they’re stressed or in a stressful situation. Many do it as a force of habit which can be difficult to break however licking your lips is not recommended. Licking your lips can dry your lips faster than you’d think. 

You might be thinking that the water from the saliva provides moisture but that is not the case. The water dries up due to the atmosphere and in turn dries up the lips faster and deeper. Licking your lips makes the lips worse and if you’re looking for that Naya Rivera lips, you need to let go of this habit. Take the time to take out your lip balm and moisturize rather than running your tongue on the lips. 

Proper lip hydration can make you look more attractive. People tend to notice features and are attracted to unique traits or physical beauty. A girl with shiny lips will have heads turning than one with dry lips. Lips hydration can give you that sheen boys crave. So, how do you properly hydrate your lips? 

As you grow older, your skin accumulates layers of dead skin that might not peel off. Using an exfoliation cream or gel is the best way to exfoliate your lips, get the dirt out and remove the dead skin from it. This will help the lip balm to penetrate evenly and deeply. Once you’ve gone through the routine, now is the perfect time to get your chapstick out, apply and smack those lips together for a sheen boys will be begging to get a bite. 

Let’s drop one final reason for lip hydration so that you never go back to looking like Mrs. Potato on her worst days. Imagine an intimate moment with a person you’re attracted to or your partner. You’re getting comfortable in front of the TV trying to sneak that quick Netflix and chill moment.

As the scene gets playful and then heated, they’re going to notice those dry lips of yours rubbing on theirs. This can be a huge turn-off for many people as the idea of dry lips and germs run instantly in the minds of many. You might not feel any difference but the other person might also feel the lips are too hard for some good kissing action. This can ruin the moment for them and eventually you as well. What if the person talks about this issue?

Don’t give anyone the moment to ruin your day by giving you advice. Get your chapstick out and apply generously. Soft kissable lips are what everyone wants. If you want to have stellar Naya Rivera lips, then you’ve got to start by using a moisturizer daily. Don’t wait for your lips to crack.

The secret to Naya Rivera lips: Tips to have the perfect lips

Although we can’t tell you what Naya Rivera uses or does but having the right lip care routine can ensure your lips look fantastic. Here are some of the tips that you can follow to have the best lips in your social circle. Have heads turn, look perfect in pictures, and feel confident in your skin by following our tips. Whether it is winter or summer, don’t forget to make these tips for lip care a habit. 

Create your home-made scrub

There are so many scrubs available on the market, however, most of them are made from chemicals. You don’t need chemicals on your lips but something natural that will have you feeling great every time you use it. Here is our secret recipe for having your lips dance all the time. 

Get a bowl and add two teaspoons of sugar to it. Make sure the sugar is raw, unrefined sugar. Since this is a home-made recipe for a sugar scrub, avoid throwing in chemicals in it or in this case, refined sugar. Once you’ve gotten your sugar in, it’s time to add a single teaspoon of almond oil and one teaspoon of honey. Mix the ingredients well until it becomes a paste-like consistency. 

You can move the mixture to a small container that you can use whenever your lips require scrubbing. When you do, simply apply the paste with your finger and scrub it on your lips gently. Give it a couple of rubs to get the dry skin and dead skin off. 

You might be tempted to eat the scrub or lick it off as this scrub is a great pre-lip balm routine. Once you’ve done the scrubbing, wash your lips gently with warm water. Pat these gorgeous lips dry and apply to moisturize to make them succulent as ever. You might even leave Naya Rivera lips behind if you were to follow this consistently. 

Drink lots of water

Skin hydration is very important and drinking the recommended intake of eight glasses a day can have your skin glowing. It’ll even have your lips plum up and fuller. There are a lot of benefits to drinking water so you should be drinking your daily recommended intake in any case. 

Check your lip care products

Chemicals can be dangerous for the body and you never know which product is the right one for you as there are so many different products. With beauty companies springing up, we often forget what we’re looking for and are attracted to branding. Hence, go to your cabinet and see all the lip products you have. If you don’t have any, then you’re in luck. Go to your nearest beauty and fashion store and search for organic products like shea butter, coconut oil, and more.

If your cabinet is full, throw away those that have expired. Check the back of the product to see if there are any ingredients like camphor that can dry out lips. You don’t want to be near products with such ingredients. 

Use Vitamin E 

This might seem like a very odd thing to do but trust us, it works. You can easily purchase vitamin E capsules from your local drugstore without a prescription. Vitamin E is known to generate skin cells allowing for a fresher look. Remember to get capsules, those in gel caps which can burst open. Tablets will do you no good. 

Cut open the vitamin E capsule and spread the liquid on your lips. Once applied, smack your lips together and carry on with your day. Make sure you do this daily to see significant changes to your lips. They’ll get fuller, shinier, and softer in no time just like Naya Rivera lips. 

Citrusy lips

Bet you’ve never heard of this but studies suggest that dropping a couple of drops of lemon juice on your lips can make you feel like a million bucks. Citrus not only helps in removing dead skin cells but also brightening your lips. Before you drop some citrus on those lips, make sure they’re not dry. Citrus and dry lips is a bad combination as it’ll start to sting and burn. 

Use plant dyes

Lipsticks can be quite heavy for the lips and even irritate many people when they have them on. If you want to add a bit of color to your lips just like Naya Rivera lips before an event or a gathering, try to purchase natural plant dyes. These are lighter, natural, and are without any chemicals. You can get some temporary staining for your lips by applying a bit of pomegranate juice. They won’t just add color but also make your lips taste delicious. 

Should you be aiming for Naya Rivera lips?

We can’t guarantee that your lips will be as stunning as Naya Rivera lips but we guarantee that if you follow a proper lip care routine you can easily achieve the right results. Not every lip is meant to be like Naya Rivera lips as all skin types and colors are different. Wanting to have lips like your favorite celebrity or wanting to have Naya Rivera lips should not be your goal. Proper hydration, a consistent routine, and a couple of tips can have you looking the best you ever have. Get your confidence back with a proper lip care routine.

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